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India under Attack

I have been mulling over writing on the recent terrorist attacks on Mumbai. It would had been demeaning to not to write something when the hoi polloi’s viz., Ms De could put her two bit in. What really got my goose was the grand statement of DAUGHTER/SISTER of the heir apparent that she missed her Dad or Grand Ma. There is a wide spread myth that She or He was any better administrator then the current incumbents.
The TV channels paraded the celebrity as if the media was covering Lakme fashion Week. These people may have something to say about the neckline or the hemline designed by one of those Greater then life yet inconsequential "designers" of sartorial or skin elegance. But expecting them to speak about India that they know less then nothing about is height of stupidity. For most of them the Nation exists between the lobby of a Five Star hotel and their Drawing Rooms. The ones who cant distinguish between Carpet Bombing and Carpet dusting to mouth advises on matters of such gravity is plain simple TRIVIALISING the issue. Gentlemen leave aside India they simply are aliens and know nothing about the whole planet.
I was trying to search for a title for my two bit. Now to call the attack as: AN ACCIDENT or A DISASTER or a MINOR INCIDENT as explained by the Ex Dy. CM was dicey. The competitive media made it more “infotaining” then a 20-20 match.
I have read considerable bit on the subject and would like to comment on the so called 'POLITICALLY CORRECT" writers. The first magazine, which I could lay, my hands on that had covered the subject was the Elite "NEWSWEEK". Elite as its of PHOREN origin.There were four articles by different authors, without saying anything and casting innuendos on Indian state and society. Apparently it’s more important to be politically correct then to be sensible. One Mr. Ganguly analyzed the attack borne out of DICRIMINATION AGAINST MUSLIMS BY THE STATE. He cited one statistics that Muslims are only 3% in IAS instead of their representational number 13.6%. If he is correct that it’s due to discrimination, then state is guilty of basic Human Rights and the UPSC is flouting the secular constitution. I remember reading in a Pakistani Newspaper sometime back, wherein they had blamed the India system of Education for low percentage of Muslim graduates. Their contention was that the examiners in India ensure that Muslim students are not allowed to pass in examinations. The examiners see the names and mark according to the surnames visible. This theory has one basic flaw that in India all universities and Boards do not have any space for writing names of examinees. Only Roll Nos are mentioned. Now I would not be able to distinguish the religion of two persons by their roll numbers. Mr Ganguly says that the UPSC can distinguish and does it actively and thereby ensures that Muslims do not qualify for the IAS posts.
Gentlemen its stupid. They do not qualify because the level of education amongst Muslims is abysmally low. The cause is the Muslim society, where modern education is given an extreme low priority.
Mr Shekhar revolved his article around the axis of POTA. As if POTA is the ultimate panacea. It’s rarely the law but its implementation that’s what makes the difference.
Mr Farid Zakaria said that BJP or Hindu Fundamentalist forces are anti muslim. Even he was talking about institutional discrimination against Muslims. The facts are quite contrary. Muslims are appeased lot in India. They can get away with worse crimes then they would dare try in Islamic Nations. Haj subsidy, Central Funding for Muslim IAS aspirants, Sacchhar Committee, Minority Commission etc ensure that they are never discriminated at least institutionally in India.
The fourth article was totally devoid of any substance.
In the TV shows certain Muslim celebrity tried to pin it on Babri Masjid. On an insipid statement of Simi a young person in the tenor of a pseudo secular terrorist started berating Simi. His remark that Pakistan is not an Enemy of India though may ring politically correct yet factually hollow and naïve. ENEMY is defined as a HOSTILE STATE. If Pakistan does not fit in it, then I do not understand basics of current affairs.
No one except the tainted “PIONEER” is prepared to mention one of the sad facts, that if the premier agencies like ATS are used for furthering poll prospects of the ruling party, we are leaving Nations flanks unguarded for the real enemies to launch their offensive.
Gentlemen Pakistan is an Enemy state. The wound of 1971 is festering for last 37 years. Their media has built a frenzy on the matter. I have read dozens of articles in Pakistani press, wherein they have blamed Gen Niazi for the FIRST EVER DEFEAT OF MUSLIM ARMY TO COWARD HINDU ARMY.

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