Sunday, May 07, 2006

The celebs and public cause

Recently Amir Khan joined the bandwagon of Medha Patakar for a photo-op claiming it to be his two bit for the masses. These in sincere approaches make a mockery of the cause and reduce it to a Page 3 event. I am sure he has not tried to understand the actual subject. He used it for a photo op or a publicity stunt to prop up the box office collection of " Rang De basanti" or some other non-consequential movie.
Similarly when Mr. Vijay Mallaya poses for the Art of Living it removes the sheen of the Guru Shri or Shri Shri Ravi Shankar. The real purpose of the so-called AOL is to bring out the best in an individual. A person who has to ape Pirelli to jack up his ego or claim to be a king maker in Karnataka Government is a troubled person and not someone who has been able to shed his ego. His presence in AOL posters reduces it too to a page 3 event.
In India and elsewhere people are easily goaded by the glitter and begin to ape them following the famous axiom "walk the path that has been tread by great people". The very perception of greatness lurking in Celebes is the biggest myth of this century.
The real art and science of living is there in our age-old scriptures and no one needs a Guru for them. A sincere reading and trying to imbibe the same is all that’s needed.
The masses must understand that most of these so called larger than life Celebes are much inferior intellectually even as compared to a proverbial rickshaw puller. Their factual CV would read 1)Name : Acquired and misspelt to suit numerology 2) Sex: Camel toe or Moose knuckle 3) Age: Would be disclosed only under third degree 4)Education : Now don’t be a fool. I would had been a clerk somewhere if I had any education and would not had spent first five years of my productive life on the side walk. Experience: Cant say the real one. Some fast track court would prosecute me.