Sunday, November 26, 2006

Reservation for Muslims

The Big Fight Program aired on 25th Nov 2006
On the outset I congratulate you on picking up a very apt and current topic of reservation for muslims.Your choice of Panelists as usual was of people with strong lungs.I would not comment on their depth and/or clarity in their perceptions.I would like to give following inputs in the debate.
1) The schedule of casts which is abbreviated as SC was of the so called ACHHOOT or UNTOUCHABLES. When amongst Christians/ Muslims there is no concept of untouchables, how a muslim could claim the benifits of SC. If as Mr. Owaissi quoted Gandhi that by conversion only the religion gets changed and not the cast,then it is a sad commentary on both Islam and Christianity. Hinduism has been long maligned (and rightly) as a casteist religion. Now we find Christianity and Islam too practicing the same curse.
2) Regarding backwardness of muslims. The people principally responsible for it are the so called self proclaimed muslim leaders. Even way back in 19th Century, muslims in India had opposed opening of English Medium schools in muslim dominated areas, apprehending that this would dilute their culture and cause decadence in their society. Whereas Raja Ram Mohan Ray had opposed opening of Sanskrit Medium schools and advocated for English Medium Schools, as he percieved that Indians would assimilate all that was happening all over the world,by being exposed to the language that was most dynamic at that particular period of time.
Even during a survey conducted in around 1884 it was observed that muslims though constituting 25% of the population (in undivided India)were way below their representative numbers or hindus in education and trade.This immediately after an 800 years of Muslim rule was the status of Muslims in India.Muslim society in India was backward even after Islamic rule of eight centuries.
There are 57 muslim countries in the world.Yet their sum total Gross National Income on purchase parity is less than India too.The number of Doctors,Scientists,Engineers etc., are the lowest per million. In a muslim country,the non muslims live a second close citizenship's life(thus spake Taslim).Muslims not only first right over the national resources,they have total control over all national resources in these 57 countries.Yet their condition is absymally low.WHY?
No one wants to face the facts. The Elite and Affluent Muslims left for Pakistan at the time of Partition. The weaker segement of the weaker society was left behind.
Again Mr Owaisi says that Muslim founded institutions have 50% non muslim students and Christian Father commented that in Christian Institutions 90% are from non christian background. Any Institution founded by anyone should not give any preference to any community. Or else people would start making even finer distinctions viz., a Birla Institute would start giving priority to Marwaris, Ambani Institute to Gujaratis, Tata Institute to Parasis.
I have seen with my own eyes a Christian founded College giving admission to a christian student with 44% marks and refusing admission to a Hindu student with 87% marks.I am proud no Hindu Institute follows this precedent.
Let me bring another fact to the notice of Mr Owaisi that in the running of the some of the called muslim Institutes even non muslims like G D Birla have contributed financially.
NO reservation but education and DEGHETTOISATION IS THE ANSWER.It is the primary responsibilty of the so called emancipated muslims to remove thier veil and get a panoramic view to improve their perspective. Throw away all the Obscurantist Imams , discard the Fatwa world. Come out of the corner you have painted yourself in. Do not try to live on sympathy. Reservation does not speak of equality it speaks of mercy.Reservation is a machiavellian politics which identifies Muslims as a statistical 13% vote bank.Reservation would only benefit the creamy layer of all societies,who do not need reservation.