Friday, March 10, 2006

Stand up get counted

Recently in India there have been large rallies by Muslim people. These have been in protest to the Danish Cartoon, President Bush's visit etc., Both these protests are more for charad then any thing else. I am dead sure that the riff raff attending the protest rally against danish cartoons have never seen those cartoons. I have seen them. They are down right silly. Rather one should had protested about the quality of cartoon. Cartoons too are piece of littreature. These Danish ones would pass as silly and below pulp. Lot more sarcasm or scorn has been poured on all religious icons, with little or no second view.
The protest against Bush's visit does not cut any ice. It is International Politics and best left to the professionals. If protesting people wanted to convey scorn on Bush, he has much worst critics in his own country. The movie Farenheit 9/11 made in Hollywood is lot more damning then any of these processions.
I am shocked that there is no widespread reaction in form of procession or rallies against Explosions in Varanasi. These are much closer home. I percieve that most probably no Indian Muslims may be involved in it, yet the attack and deaths are of Indians and not that of Danes or Americans. By chosing to ignore the matter or maintaining a low profile on the matter one becomes a part of the problem. The Maxim of Bush here does hold " Either you are with India , or you are with the terrorists". There is no mid path. It is time for Indian Muslims to stand up and get counted. Do protest march, bring out the hidden so called " Sleeper Agents". If any one knows of any one even remotely linked with this event, it would be in the intrest of India in large and that of Muslim Community in particular to ensure that he is brought to trial.