Saturday, November 08, 2008


I have been hearing loud noises about banning RSS,VHP, Bajrang Dal etc. People are comparing these organizations with SIMI. Certain Politicians would like us to believe that VHP is worse then SIMI.
In this shrill of Banning RSS, I am reminded of the Bande Matram controversy in British India. Bande Matram was the most respected song of Indian Nationalists, sung by all and sundry whosoever was involved in the Freedom Struggle. A controversy erupted because a vague Muslim League leader objected to it. Thereafter as because certain Muslim League leaders began opposing it, a mid path was charted out by the Indian National Congress Secularist Leaders. They dropped the last four stanzas of the song Bande Matram and retained only the first two stanzas. Jinnah on gaining a toehold refused to accept this appeasement and demanded total ban on Bande Matram.
Similarly today if the Government on vote bank politics accepts the Ban on RSS. Tomorrow the so called Jinnahs present in India today would not accept this appeasement too. They would demand a Ban on HINDUISM it self.
The Media has a skewed BENCHMARK for Hinduism. The English Media largely perceive that for Hinduism the PASS MARKS are 100%. They have examined Hinduism on this anvil and have declared it to be a Domain of Fanatics. Their PASSMARKS for the MINORITIES is 10%. So as long as 100% of them do not resort to violence they are acceptable and preferable over Hindus.
So its better for the Government and its SECULAR POLITICAL leaders to go the whole distance in one go and BAN HINDUISM instead of taking one step at a time by banning RSS,VHP etc.,. As Hitler had banned Jews, and as one Pragya has been arrested, the secularists have the excuse and grounds. Now they can conveniently carry out the agenda of our neighbors and Ban Hinduism.

After all did not the west always chide Hinduism as an obscurantist religion? Did not Marx say Hinduism is opium of masses and Opium is a Bad thing? You are saying he said Religion instead of Hinduism. OK so let us Ban Religion with a rider that minorities would be free to profess, propagate, and proselytize. After all they have the first right on all national resources including NATIONAL CONSCIOUS. Their rights to do any thing and every thing are secured by Minority commission, Sacchhar Commission etc. Consequently the only Majority religion that’s Hinduism would stand Banned and baby does it not deserve to be banned. The so called secular Hindus are majorly apologetic of being a Hindu as if they have already sinned having taken Birth in a Hindu Family. Hindi, Hindu and Hindustan are pejorative terms. So I don’t think there would be much of a protest over it. Arrest of few more sadhus and sadhvis would throw such a scare amongst the so called scarce vocal Hindus that they would not raise their decibels.

The History as interpreted by Aligarh Muslim University and Jawaharlal Nehru University and what is being treated as the real Indian history, has all praises for the Muslim rule saying that it brought emancipation and sense of progressive ideas to the land of India. Though Historians viz., Jadu Nath Sircar and K S Lal have written that at least 50 Million Hindus were either converted or Killed during 1000AD to 1500AD. Murder and conversion of Hindus is of no consequence to the Eminent Historians of India. The destruction of Temples and other worship places viz., Ram Janm Bhoomi ,Krishna Janm Bhoomi and at least 500 such others, were instruments of emancipation of Hindus.
That was yesterday. Today the so called secular leaders blamed BJP and RSS for Amarnath Problem. A minor land issue was blown out of proportion by Huriyat and PDP. The spineless National Conference leaders succumbed to the pressure of the separatist forces. The media went to market blaming RSS. The National Flag carrying masses of Jammu were compared with the Pakistan flag carrying separatist forces. So the premium is on the Pakistani flag as compared to our Tricolour.

As it is a large segment of Indian Muslims even today do believe that Hindus do not how to rule. It’s the Muslims who have been the brave and courageous enough to wield weapon and hence knew how to rule the subservient Hindus. (FACT: In British India the India army had 50% Muslims.) That’s the reason they (25%) were able to rule over majority (75%) Hindus for such a long period.
So let the Hindus become subservient to the rest of the society. Don’t they deserve the servitude? Even Mahatma Gandhi said that “An average Hindu is a Coward”
Our PM too has reiterated it by saying that “Muslims must have the first right over national resources”. This is what Aurangzeb also meant, when he imposed Jaziya tax on Hindus. He stated that Hindus must pay extra taxes to be treated at par with Muslims. So Hindus were second class citizens then and they should remain so now or better still deprive them of citizenship. So let us once again herald the GOLDEN ERA and Ban Hinduism

The Changes under the Banning of Religion Act shall be as under
1) Saying I am a Hindu (proudly or sheepishly) would be treated as an act of sedition and attract disenfranchisement.
2) Performing overt Hindu acts viz., Hawan, Yagya would be treated as acts encouraging disobedience and shall be punishable under unlawful assembly act.
3) People naming their Children after the names of Hindu Gods viz., Ram or Krishna would be deemed heretics and deprived from getting Jobs in Government and PSU,s.
4) The Gita in court would be replaced by a picture of the Scion of Gandhi Family (as they alone are the real patriots in India).
5) The Ashok emblem would be replaced by a Picture of Babar, as Moguls only brought emancipation.
6) The Tricolour to be reduced to Bicolour. As the Saffron colour is the colour of the Hindu Forces.

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Monday, November 03, 2008


Well Diwali is the most celebrated festival in my family. Besides Lakshami Puja, lighting up the house, Fireworks distributing Sweets are the standard things in this celebration.
A few years back while I did buy lot of fireworks it suddenly dawned that the kids had already flown away from house (Like most other houses)and without kids ,lighting fireworks was no fun.
Then after some pondering I thought though our kids were not near yet there were loads of other kids in the neighborhood. I packed all my Fireworks and along with my spouse walked off to a nearby Orphanage. We carried sweets too. It was a great revelation and real quality time we spent there. So this initiated an annual pilgrimage.
Then again just for fun sake I thought of indulging in making a Rangoli (Supposedly a feminine chore).This year's effort is here in the blog.
This year we thought that while sweets are Food for the Gross Body let us give something for the subtle body too. We distributed Books too along with sweets.

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