Sunday, November 26, 2006

Reservation for Muslims

The Big Fight Program aired on 25th Nov 2006
On the outset I congratulate you on picking up a very apt and current topic of reservation for muslims.Your choice of Panelists as usual was of people with strong lungs.I would not comment on their depth and/or clarity in their perceptions.I would like to give following inputs in the debate.
1) The schedule of casts which is abbreviated as SC was of the so called ACHHOOT or UNTOUCHABLES. When amongst Christians/ Muslims there is no concept of untouchables, how a muslim could claim the benifits of SC. If as Mr. Owaissi quoted Gandhi that by conversion only the religion gets changed and not the cast,then it is a sad commentary on both Islam and Christianity. Hinduism has been long maligned (and rightly) as a casteist religion. Now we find Christianity and Islam too practicing the same curse.
2) Regarding backwardness of muslims. The people principally responsible for it are the so called self proclaimed muslim leaders. Even way back in 19th Century, muslims in India had opposed opening of English Medium schools in muslim dominated areas, apprehending that this would dilute their culture and cause decadence in their society. Whereas Raja Ram Mohan Ray had opposed opening of Sanskrit Medium schools and advocated for English Medium Schools, as he percieved that Indians would assimilate all that was happening all over the world,by being exposed to the language that was most dynamic at that particular period of time.
Even during a survey conducted in around 1884 it was observed that muslims though constituting 25% of the population (in undivided India)were way below their representative numbers or hindus in education and trade.This immediately after an 800 years of Muslim rule was the status of Muslims in India.Muslim society in India was backward even after Islamic rule of eight centuries.
There are 57 muslim countries in the world.Yet their sum total Gross National Income on purchase parity is less than India too.The number of Doctors,Scientists,Engineers etc., are the lowest per million. In a muslim country,the non muslims live a second close citizenship's life(thus spake Taslim).Muslims not only first right over the national resources,they have total control over all national resources in these 57 countries.Yet their condition is absymally low.WHY?
No one wants to face the facts. The Elite and Affluent Muslims left for Pakistan at the time of Partition. The weaker segement of the weaker society was left behind.
Again Mr Owaisi says that Muslim founded institutions have 50% non muslim students and Christian Father commented that in Christian Institutions 90% are from non christian background. Any Institution founded by anyone should not give any preference to any community. Or else people would start making even finer distinctions viz., a Birla Institute would start giving priority to Marwaris, Ambani Institute to Gujaratis, Tata Institute to Parasis.
I have seen with my own eyes a Christian founded College giving admission to a christian student with 44% marks and refusing admission to a Hindu student with 87% marks.I am proud no Hindu Institute follows this precedent.
Let me bring another fact to the notice of Mr Owaisi that in the running of the some of the called muslim Institutes even non muslims like G D Birla have contributed financially.
NO reservation but education and DEGHETTOISATION IS THE ANSWER.It is the primary responsibilty of the so called emancipated muslims to remove thier veil and get a panoramic view to improve their perspective. Throw away all the Obscurantist Imams , discard the Fatwa world. Come out of the corner you have painted yourself in. Do not try to live on sympathy. Reservation does not speak of equality it speaks of mercy.Reservation is a machiavellian politics which identifies Muslims as a statistical 13% vote bank.Reservation would only benefit the creamy layer of all societies,who do not need reservation.

Friday, June 16, 2006

The Page 3

The Page 3 people ,the so-called glitterati more often then not are creation of media. It is a very obnoxious percept. These are the people who get a larger then life image courtesy media , which breed proximity to people in Power and enable them to break the law at will, unlike other more sane , more responsible person , who could be and are frequently charged and punished for much lesser offences.

Some one talked about the Page 3 SOCIETY ostracizing the people with criminal record. I remember reading an article by another prominent Page 3 personality Shobha De in a respectable magazine OUTLOOK . She not only absolved Bina Ramani for her misdeeds but even eulogized her. I met a Page 3 character who did not find anything reprehensible in the sordid act of Nanda (BMW Case).He remarked that only because the car was BMW and the accused happened to belong to a high profile family the poor kid had to suffer a lot. Had it been say an Ambassador car and the accused from not so upper strata of society , the case would had been settled with much lesser retribution. The police people had no business to be standing in the middle of the road at that hour, the fault was all theirs.Could someone give a better example of putrefied death of sensiblities.Yes the Page 3 people reek of it.

In a recent issue of India Today a list of 50 most powerful people was published. Most of them belong to the Page 3 Genre Powerful and pigmies intellectually. In the age of Nehru the PM’s friends were of the class of Mr. Prakash, Minoo Masani etc., . In the age of Rajeev Gandhi they got replaced by illiterates of Page 3 kind. The decadence of culture started there.

The funeral of a renowned poet Shri H R Bachchan too became a Page 3 affair. People commented on him, that he was the best litterateur of the century, grading him above Tagore inadvertently. Most of these people have not read anything including Bachchanji’s literature. It was a Funeral procession of Amitabh’s father ( he too does figure in the 50 most powerful people’s list of India Today) and not of a Hindi poet.

Some one commented that its Delhi alone that has a readership of Page 3. How true. It echoes Nirad C Chowdhury’s sentiments very aptly, " Punjabis have only one culture and that is agriculture". It is the cultureless breed of Delhi, that perceives Money as the only prime mover and that law is for the birds and weak people, which thrives on Page 3. The so called gala parties have drugs in their menu. The arrest of the drug peddler Ali ( if I remember the name correctly) has ripped off the mask from the faces of most of the so called celebrities, I wish only that the case should had been followed up more closely, that would had showed these people in their true colours.I am sure it was the might of the Page 3 people that was able to get the case hushed up.

Another marginal comment ,their was an Advertisement on Opel Corsa in the mid break of the program , where the Punch line was that I would had been just another man if I was not driving an Opel Corsa.Another Ad. I remember reading somewhere that " There are only two types of people , Who’s who and Who’s He" Such ad’s are contemptuous and breed the aspirations of the middle class to ape and read about the so called Celebrities, howsoever hollow their claim to fame may be. The politicians in this country have an average mental age of a 14 year old person( statement by either Swami Chinmayannad or J D Krishnamurty). They are either awed by these Page 3 people and/or take money and use their influence to obtain favours for them. This country functions on who knows who and not as per the rule book.

A statement of Bill Clinton in one of his speeches " The highest seat of Power in a democracy is that of an ordinary citizen " rings so hollow in todays India.

If the media including the electronic media starts avoiding these meaning less Page 3 events, do not put the so called designers ( who cater to the Ego of say fifty families in India) and such irrelevant people on the dias, the cult would die a natural death. A lady remarked that people enjoyed reading it so it has to be there. Is it not the responsiblity of the Fourth estate to be a beacon rather then a meek follower of the trend..

Sunday, May 07, 2006

The celebs and public cause

Recently Amir Khan joined the bandwagon of Medha Patakar for a photo-op claiming it to be his two bit for the masses. These in sincere approaches make a mockery of the cause and reduce it to a Page 3 event. I am sure he has not tried to understand the actual subject. He used it for a photo op or a publicity stunt to prop up the box office collection of " Rang De basanti" or some other non-consequential movie.
Similarly when Mr. Vijay Mallaya poses for the Art of Living it removes the sheen of the Guru Shri or Shri Shri Ravi Shankar. The real purpose of the so-called AOL is to bring out the best in an individual. A person who has to ape Pirelli to jack up his ego or claim to be a king maker in Karnataka Government is a troubled person and not someone who has been able to shed his ego. His presence in AOL posters reduces it too to a page 3 event.
In India and elsewhere people are easily goaded by the glitter and begin to ape them following the famous axiom "walk the path that has been tread by great people". The very perception of greatness lurking in Celebes is the biggest myth of this century.
The real art and science of living is there in our age-old scriptures and no one needs a Guru for them. A sincere reading and trying to imbibe the same is all that’s needed.
The masses must understand that most of these so called larger than life Celebes are much inferior intellectually even as compared to a proverbial rickshaw puller. Their factual CV would read 1)Name : Acquired and misspelt to suit numerology 2) Sex: Camel toe or Moose knuckle 3) Age: Would be disclosed only under third degree 4)Education : Now don’t be a fool. I would had been a clerk somewhere if I had any education and would not had spent first five years of my productive life on the side walk. Experience: Cant say the real one. Some fast track court would prosecute me.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Ms Bina Ramani a Murder accomplice or a Martyr

There was an "interview" of Ms. Bina Ramani on India Tv's program Aap Ki Adalat. She was abhorrent. She was trying to become a martyr from a murder accomplice. She has broken all laws in this country and yet has the gall to call herself a victim. She says as the murderer was a powerful politician's son she lost her wit and could not respond properly in the court. She is talking shit. She is just another side of the same coin. She too belongs to the same clan. She was a pal of RAMESH SHARMA, an extremely shady character( now in jail). She has befriended everyone who had any power that she could use for her advantage. I feel sickened as to how such scum is able to rise in the society. She has claimed to have dorned several hats ( none successfully), except of building a clout. She claims to be a cultural prima dona. What culture a vulture can have. Swami Ramkrishna Paramhansa once said " an eagle may be flying very high, yet its eyes are fixed on a dead rat lying in dustbin". She is that proverbial eagle. A person's height is to be measured by his objectives and not the physical altitude he or she (in this case) is flying at.
She is typical example of punjabi baroque. As the glitterati in india today revels in it, she has been able to come close to the powerful people. On the day of the judgement of jessica case, she told a press fellow, "no comments". "it was merely a bad dream and now its over". Murder in her illegal restaurant/bar was a bad dream. Now once a retrial has been ordred she is trying to cross a burnt bridge. She is scheming at her best and revolting at her worst.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Stand up get counted

Recently in India there have been large rallies by Muslim people. These have been in protest to the Danish Cartoon, President Bush's visit etc., Both these protests are more for charad then any thing else. I am dead sure that the riff raff attending the protest rally against danish cartoons have never seen those cartoons. I have seen them. They are down right silly. Rather one should had protested about the quality of cartoon. Cartoons too are piece of littreature. These Danish ones would pass as silly and below pulp. Lot more sarcasm or scorn has been poured on all religious icons, with little or no second view.
The protest against Bush's visit does not cut any ice. It is International Politics and best left to the professionals. If protesting people wanted to convey scorn on Bush, he has much worst critics in his own country. The movie Farenheit 9/11 made in Hollywood is lot more damning then any of these processions.
I am shocked that there is no widespread reaction in form of procession or rallies against Explosions in Varanasi. These are much closer home. I percieve that most probably no Indian Muslims may be involved in it, yet the attack and deaths are of Indians and not that of Danes or Americans. By chosing to ignore the matter or maintaining a low profile on the matter one becomes a part of the problem. The Maxim of Bush here does hold " Either you are with India , or you are with the terrorists". There is no mid path. It is time for Indian Muslims to stand up and get counted. Do protest march, bring out the hidden so called " Sleeper Agents". If any one knows of any one even remotely linked with this event, it would be in the intrest of India in large and that of Muslim Community in particular to ensure that he is brought to trial.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Jessica Lal

The murder and acquittal in Jessica Lal's case brings forth all that's ugly in the Indian society. If you have money and political clout you can get away with any crime under the Sun, whereas people languish in jails for decades for petty crimes viz., ticket less travel in train.
Ms Bina was running a Bar illegally. A fiction was created that it was not a Bar, but a private party, to help Ms Bina suffering the ingnomity of imprisonment. Every one court, media has accepted this fiction.
A murder was committed in front of at least a hundred people yet , the murderer not only goes scot free, does another murder ( of Nitish Katara) while on bail. The judiciary, the police and the hostile witnesses are all guilty of shirking their citizenship's responsibilities.


Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The cast system in Pakistani Islam.It has been a long diatribe that Pakistan being an Islamic country had a casteless society, where as India being a Hindu state had a caste based society.The recent gang rape of a tribal Mukhtharan Biwi has ripped off the mask of this lie. Caste system is omnipresent in some form or other.In the GOD LESS CASTELESS USSR too the communists were treated far above their other brethren.In India at least by law we are a secular country and untouchably or showing any ill manner leave aside an assault towards any community ( specially the scheduled ones) is a major cognizable offence. The scheduled caste people in India have special rights and privileges viz., priority in Government Jobs, admission in educational institutions etc.,. Our current outgoing president belongs to the schedule caste by birth.Islam too is divided into, if not more, then as many sects as is Hinduism. Schisms, focusing first on disagreements over who should lead the new faith, and later, on matters of doctrine, began developing immediately after Muhammad's death in the year 632: Islam splintered into the Sunni and Shia sects, which always were at each other's throats; Kharijis, who provided the first major schism within Islam; Alawis, who broke away from the Shiites in the 9th century; Ahmadiyyahs, who believe their founder was a renovator of Islam, a position other Muslims consider to be heretical; the Wahhabis, who flay the rest of the Sunnis; the Ismailis, earlier known as the Hashishi or the Malahida ("impious heretics"); Druzes, whom most Muslims consider blasphemous since they declared that God was manifested in human form as the Egyptian caliph al Hakim Bi-amr Allah 1,000 years ago, and who do not accept new members and often pose as members of the dominant religion where they live; Salafis, Nusayris, Fatimids, Musta'lians, Qarmatians... and so on and so forth -- none of whom will be ready to give their daughters to men of the other sects. The founder of Sufism a liberal form of Islam was assainated.The visible face of Islam remains same over centuries that of EXCLUSIVISM.Hence today its become a PARIAH all over the world. People even remotely resembling Muslims are subjects of suspicion and investigation.

Indian Polity

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bihar arises a laughter or a smirk every time one comes across this name. The symptoms present in Bihar are common to most of the states to a large extent. As Swami Vivekanand said the (It is all truth whether man, animal or plants ) difference is only in Degrees and not in Kind. Politicians in this country belonging to any party to any geographical location don the traits. Henry Kissinger had to say about it " It is 90% corrupt politicians who give the rest 10% a bad name." Bihar the degree is extreme to the tune of anarchy. Casteism is the basis of all relationship. The DON Ranjit ( Paper leak fame) was partial to people of his cast. He would charge more from people of other cast, sometimes cheat them and give them wrong paper, but with people of his own cast he would be HONEST . The rot is so deep that Mr. Nitish Yadav or any one else would find it extremely difficult to set it right. Each Government Officer has his own agenda. Laws are for meek ( well this is true for most of the parts of India). Police is a law unto itself.


let us ask
we have several so called leaders, preachers,books,scriptures to tell us the distiction between right and wrong. none of these merit any more weight then direction indicators. no living person or a dead institution can hold the ultimate truth.if any clergy person or a group viz., islam says do not question Quran ,it is because they are afraid that it would expose its several severe shortcomings.what is paramount is ones own wisdom, which would spring out of long term nurturing faith in humanity, cultural values and a vibrant and inquisitive society.The first sentence of Brahma bhashya penned by Adi Shankaracharya is " Ath Jignasa Bhav" i.e let us question brahma. Any effort of subjugation of mind by any institution is blasphemy and not otherwise.Many of our so called holy scriptures are full of falacies and contradictions. Leaving them to the mercy of the self styled Gurus, Maulavis, Priests would be hazardous. The ultimate authority must rest with the individual. Simple facts of life viz., Menstrural Cycles have been subject of wide spread controversies or curse. Subjects that should rest in the domain of Hygeine have been hijacked by religion and priests.