Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Jessica Lal

The murder and acquittal in Jessica Lal's case brings forth all that's ugly in the Indian society. If you have money and political clout you can get away with any crime under the Sun, whereas people languish in jails for decades for petty crimes viz., ticket less travel in train.
Ms Bina was running a Bar illegally. A fiction was created that it was not a Bar, but a private party, to help Ms Bina suffering the ingnomity of imprisonment. Every one court, media has accepted this fiction.
A murder was committed in front of at least a hundred people yet , the murderer not only goes scot free, does another murder ( of Nitish Katara) while on bail. The judiciary, the police and the hostile witnesses are all guilty of shirking their citizenship's responsibilities.


Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The cast system in Pakistani Islam.It has been a long diatribe that Pakistan being an Islamic country had a casteless society, where as India being a Hindu state had a caste based society.The recent gang rape of a tribal Mukhtharan Biwi has ripped off the mask of this lie. Caste system is omnipresent in some form or other.In the GOD LESS CASTELESS USSR too the communists were treated far above their other brethren.In India at least by law we are a secular country and untouchably or showing any ill manner leave aside an assault towards any community ( specially the scheduled ones) is a major cognizable offence. The scheduled caste people in India have special rights and privileges viz., priority in Government Jobs, admission in educational institutions etc.,. Our current outgoing president belongs to the schedule caste by birth.Islam too is divided into, if not more, then as many sects as is Hinduism. Schisms, focusing first on disagreements over who should lead the new faith, and later, on matters of doctrine, began developing immediately after Muhammad's death in the year 632: Islam splintered into the Sunni and Shia sects, which always were at each other's throats; Kharijis, who provided the first major schism within Islam; Alawis, who broke away from the Shiites in the 9th century; Ahmadiyyahs, who believe their founder was a renovator of Islam, a position other Muslims consider to be heretical; the Wahhabis, who flay the rest of the Sunnis; the Ismailis, earlier known as the Hashishi or the Malahida ("impious heretics"); Druzes, whom most Muslims consider blasphemous since they declared that God was manifested in human form as the Egyptian caliph al Hakim Bi-amr Allah 1,000 years ago, and who do not accept new members and often pose as members of the dominant religion where they live; Salafis, Nusayris, Fatimids, Musta'lians, Qarmatians... and so on and so forth -- none of whom will be ready to give their daughters to men of the other sects. The founder of Sufism a liberal form of Islam was assainated.The visible face of Islam remains same over centuries that of EXCLUSIVISM.Hence today its become a PARIAH all over the world. People even remotely resembling Muslims are subjects of suspicion and investigation.

Indian Polity

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bihar arises a laughter or a smirk every time one comes across this name. The symptoms present in Bihar are common to most of the states to a large extent. As Swami Vivekanand said the (It is all truth whether man, animal or plants ) difference is only in Degrees and not in Kind. Politicians in this country belonging to any party to any geographical location don the traits. Henry Kissinger had to say about it " It is 90% corrupt politicians who give the rest 10% a bad name." Bihar the degree is extreme to the tune of anarchy. Casteism is the basis of all relationship. The DON Ranjit ( Paper leak fame) was partial to people of his cast. He would charge more from people of other cast, sometimes cheat them and give them wrong paper, but with people of his own cast he would be HONEST . The rot is so deep that Mr. Nitish Yadav or any one else would find it extremely difficult to set it right. Each Government Officer has his own agenda. Laws are for meek ( well this is true for most of the parts of India). Police is a law unto itself.


let us ask
we have several so called leaders, preachers,books,scriptures to tell us the distiction between right and wrong. none of these merit any more weight then direction indicators. no living person or a dead institution can hold the ultimate truth.if any clergy person or a group viz., islam says do not question Quran ,it is because they are afraid that it would expose its several severe shortcomings.what is paramount is ones own wisdom, which would spring out of long term nurturing faith in humanity, cultural values and a vibrant and inquisitive society.The first sentence of Brahma bhashya penned by Adi Shankaracharya is " Ath Jignasa Bhav" i.e let us question brahma. Any effort of subjugation of mind by any institution is blasphemy and not otherwise.Many of our so called holy scriptures are full of falacies and contradictions. Leaving them to the mercy of the self styled Gurus, Maulavis, Priests would be hazardous. The ultimate authority must rest with the individual. Simple facts of life viz., Menstrural Cycles have been subject of wide spread controversies or curse. Subjects that should rest in the domain of Hygeine have been hijacked by religion and priests.