Sunday, September 29, 2013

Props in support of one’s Identity.

Today while on road I saw a BMW car with a Registration Plate showing number as 0001,ahead of me. As I was standing on a traffic signal, I could not fail to notice this car. These single digit numbers are available to “VIPs”, courtesy their string pulling capacity or to money bags against Bidding.
What’s special about it. I do see it quite often on Bhubaneswar roads.  Today it touched a particular chord and struck a note.
Why do people buy Expensive cars.  Is it to define their personality? Or to announce to the world that they have “arrived”. Come to think of “arrived” would mean arrived at a particular altitude wherein he/she can see the world and the world can see him.
My take is if one had to announce that one has achieved an altitude, it would inadvertently mean that the altitude achieved by the one is not visible to the people standing on the terra firma. If a person is standing on a summit, people would have to crane their neck to see him and there would be no necessity of shouting hoarse about it.
Even seemingly plebeians Cars are good for ferrying a person to his destination.  People need Pricey cars to augment their personality and not for mere ferrying.  This would obviously mean that their personality has become subservient to their “Automobile”.
Then again the Single Digit or the VIP number plate.  Pulling strings or Paying Big Ticket money for such  meaningless objects  like number mentioned on Number Plate shows a serious deficit of self esteem.
Besides can such “Toys” really act as Viagra for the “spinal erectile deficiency syndrome”.
How so much money one may have, yet there would be something that he would not be able to afford.
The “Viagra” effect of these Toys indeed would have a very “Small Time Span”.
Yes as per an obnoxious TV ad being aired these days the ONE may say “बन्दर क्या जाने, अदरख का स्वादMaybe what you say is true, my only query is “DO YOU”