Friday, October 17, 2008

Times of India "the slip is showing".

October 17, 2008 02:45 IST

In a major breakthrough the Orissa police on Thursday claimed that the
mastermind behind Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Laxamananda Saraswati's
killing had been identified as a group had hired the Maoists to execute
the crime.

"Maoists were given money to train certain youth of a particular community to
eliminate Saraswati," inspector general of police, crime branch, Arun
Ray told PTI asserting the mastermind of the killings had been identified.

Stating the mastermind had fled Orissa, the IG said "we will trace them soon."
The plan to eliminate Saraswati was made immediately after the
December, 2007 communal violence in Kandhamal, he added.

Elaborating the probe by the crime branch, Ray said investigations also showed that
a group had collected money from some villages in Kandhamal which was
given to the Maoist group to train their youth for the purpose. At
least 60 youth were given arms training by the Maoists, the IG said
dwelling on the inputs from the three arrested persons.

Ray said members of a particular community were unhappy with Saraswati and
held him responsible for the riots which took place during Christmas in
2007. They requested a Maoist group to assist them in killing
Saraswati, he said.

Confirming that six Telugu-speaking persons fired at Saraswati and others, the crime branch investigation revealed that the trained group were guarding the ashram at Jalespeta in Kandhamal during the incident.

Refusing to divulge identity and religion of the mastermind behind the killing which
sparked communal violence in Kandhamal, The IG said the Maoists only
executed the crime
2) Why would Telgu speaking Maoists come from distant place to establish secular credentials and kill swamiji.
3) TOI has covered it as if Maoists are the real killers as indicted by police report. Ignoring the fact that they were merely hired killers.The actual persons responsible are different from Maoists.
4) Its all fair in war against BJP /VHP etc., And Truth as usual is the first casualty in a war.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mr Shashi Tharoor you are wrong

This is a response to an Article penned by Mr Shashi tharoor and published by TOI ( on 12.10.08
Well Mr Shashi you are entitled to have your opinion right or wrong. Yet as a reader I would like to comment on certain incongruities in the said Article.
You have stated that the Anti Christian Violence has occurred as a consequence to Conversion or divisive politics. You have conveniently ignored that the immediate cause of Violence in Orissa was the murder of a Saint Swami Laxamananand Saraswati and wide spread perception that it was engineered by Christian Missionaries. In Karnataka it was distribution of a banned and derogatory booklet.
As per “The Orissa Freedom Of Religion Act 1967” any and all conversions are to be done after informing the district collector and in his presence. Till now on no occasion or maybe at best a couple of occasions when advance information has been given to the concerned authorities. In 1993, 21 Pastors were arrested also under the said act. Government under Congress regime immediately transferred the SP of the district.
Any conversion not as per law invites legal penal action.Yet it has been going on for decades with an extreme non chalance with the covert Government (Irrespective of the party in Power) sanction.
Besides in Orissa there is a Gross disparate aspect to the violence which again has been overlooked by you. Here the main warring parties are Kandhas and Panas. Their enemity goes back over several decades. Again it is because of several layers of issues. Panas though are schedule cast people but being Christian are not entitled to the “Reservation”. Thousands of them have obtained false certificates showing themselves to be Hindus. This has caused ire amongst the other dominant community i.e,Kandhas (Hindus).
Causing angst and violence.
There was a picture and a quote of Swami Vivekanand in your article published in TOI. Read what Swamiji had to say about conversion “One Hindu converted is not one Hindu less, but it is one enemy more”.
When you contend that being a non Hindu does not mean being an anti national.
I too could largely agree with you but for the secessionist activities of Christian Dominated North East and ethnic cleansing and secessionist activities in Muslim Dominated Kashmir. Timor is another live example.
I would concur with you that Hiduism is an inclusive religion with “Ekal Satya….”.
Yet the way Vatican City has opened retail counters peddling christianity and conversion, it is abhorrent.
The way TOI has been virulent in the matter it appears that they have either sold their soul to Missionaries or their Shares.

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