Monday, April 10, 2006

Ms Bina Ramani a Murder accomplice or a Martyr

There was an "interview" of Ms. Bina Ramani on India Tv's program Aap Ki Adalat. She was abhorrent. She was trying to become a martyr from a murder accomplice. She has broken all laws in this country and yet has the gall to call herself a victim. She says as the murderer was a powerful politician's son she lost her wit and could not respond properly in the court. She is talking shit. She is just another side of the same coin. She too belongs to the same clan. She was a pal of RAMESH SHARMA, an extremely shady character( now in jail). She has befriended everyone who had any power that she could use for her advantage. I feel sickened as to how such scum is able to rise in the society. She has claimed to have dorned several hats ( none successfully), except of building a clout. She claims to be a cultural prima dona. What culture a vulture can have. Swami Ramkrishna Paramhansa once said " an eagle may be flying very high, yet its eyes are fixed on a dead rat lying in dustbin". She is that proverbial eagle. A person's height is to be measured by his objectives and not the physical altitude he or she (in this case) is flying at.
She is typical example of punjabi baroque. As the glitterati in india today revels in it, she has been able to come close to the powerful people. On the day of the judgement of jessica case, she told a press fellow, "no comments". "it was merely a bad dream and now its over". Murder in her illegal restaurant/bar was a bad dream. Now once a retrial has been ordred she is trying to cross a burnt bridge. She is scheming at her best and revolting at her worst.

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