Wednesday, February 22, 2006


let us ask
we have several so called leaders, preachers,books,scriptures to tell us the distiction between right and wrong. none of these merit any more weight then direction indicators. no living person or a dead institution can hold the ultimate truth.if any clergy person or a group viz., islam says do not question Quran ,it is because they are afraid that it would expose its several severe shortcomings.what is paramount is ones own wisdom, which would spring out of long term nurturing faith in humanity, cultural values and a vibrant and inquisitive society.The first sentence of Brahma bhashya penned by Adi Shankaracharya is " Ath Jignasa Bhav" i.e let us question brahma. Any effort of subjugation of mind by any institution is blasphemy and not otherwise.Many of our so called holy scriptures are full of falacies and contradictions. Leaving them to the mercy of the self styled Gurus, Maulavis, Priests would be hazardous. The ultimate authority must rest with the individual. Simple facts of life viz., Menstrural Cycles have been subject of wide spread controversies or curse. Subjects that should rest in the domain of Hygeine have been hijacked by religion and priests.

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