Sunday, September 23, 2012

Marketing of GOD

Today the commodity most aggressively being marketed is “GOD”.
My this reaction is borne out of an advertisement inserted In certain Hindi daily today. The Advertisement reads “
बाबा रामदेव का विशाल जागरण एव भजन संध्या It is being organized at a newly constructed and yet under construction aka expansion Runuchi wale Baba Ramdev temple on the National Highway halfway between Bhubaneswar and Cuttack .
Any act of worship is essentially a Childs wail/cry to attract the attention of his/her mother. If the Mother needs an amplifier to respond to her child’s call, she is no mother.
It is a BIG Budget program. The money could had been better utilized to serve the society instead of being usurped by a few Fat Priests.
This advertisement is a solus colour advertisement at the top of the Front page hogging the Head Line space. It is displaying among other things names of people who have proudly lent their name and money to the said Blitzkrieg marketing of one of the several Hindu Gods.
Today there are principally three Brands of GODS being marketed in the human world. Animals have no need of a God.
1) Christian GOD. It is being marketed largely courtesy FDI in India. The amount of money being pumped in proselytizing or marketing this GOD in India defies laws of gravity. Only most of it is in FDI with no ‘Mamata/Mulayam opposition or Tantrums’ against this FDI. It is largely an Incentive driven selling. The marketing/selling agents get huge incentive for each sale notched or a new counter/dealership awarded..Their marketing strategy is based on its Mission Statement as Stated by its CEO/Protagonist aka The Pope i.e. “Conversion is the basic tenet of Christianity”
2) Allah. The most feverishly and aggressively marketed GOD. The tag line of its Marketing Agents viz., Sole sellers, distributors and pavement hawkers is “Fear is the Key”. Fear of Allah, Fear of West, Fear of Democracy, Fear of Free Thinking etc., are the different Fear Keys used as Marketing Tool for this product. Fatwas are the regular Market Research Inputs provided by its Marketing Think Tank personas. The infighting among its several different Regional Marketing Heads has dented its credibility severely. This brand too has certain amount of FDI yet it is significantly less than the first product i.e. Christian GOD.
3) Bhagavan: Hinduism has very little PHOREN money. It is largely being marketed by domestic peddlers. Without much FDI in this Product it is being marketed through old and traditional petty corner KIrana shop. It is largely sold as Do-It-Yourself kit. One is free to assemble its different components as per his own percepts. The shape and form are not rigid. Today they are crying hoarse that they are losing footfalls in their small and dingy shops because of the Swanky Showrooms set up by other product marketers courtesy FDI. Yet Being an old and established brand it is able to retain its market share without much fan fare. Though it’s market share has shrunk slightly during the last sixty years.


Brijesh Shukla said...

अच्छी रिपोर्ट

Prabodh Kumar Govil said...


Mahip chadha said...

I think that the author has literally hit the head on the nail! The truth is that Jews, Christians and Moslems are couzins. Somewhere along the line the Jews decided that thy need only volunteers for their faith whereas the Chtistians began gathering sheep for CHRIST trough any which way they could--violence included.Their flock increased ,but the Moslems launched a jihad against the infidels or non believers translating much of the world into Islamic nations and now they are a threat to the European nations and the USA possibily.There is religious frevor that the Christians cannot match.Hinduism is a way of life and with the myriad of Gods and Godesses around --a new convert has much choice.The Gods are matched by equal number of gurus,prophets and others from each sect and faith who take advantage of the fact that we all need an entity to look upto especially when we are in trouble or we need health .money or other commodities.The commonallity is that all our godmen are crazy rich!Why we need marketing?

kuldip said...

Thanks Mahip. This was a satirical piece in response to a particular advertisement. I had written a blog on the subject of the three semetic religions being siblings, some time back.

Zeeshan Ahmed said...

Well written :) Religion is being pulled and played around by its so-called custodians. About time the followers wake up, and look for the truth, and not the extra stuff.

- Peace