Sunday, October 07, 2012

Confessions of Ram lal

Confessions of Ram Lal.
Ram Lal opened his mouth after eight long years. He has been secretly blamed for the loss of face of MMS the PM of India by the INSIDERS. There has been widespread perception that MMS’s image has taken a sever beating.
People in the know are aware that it is Ram Lal who is responsible for MMS the PM’s image. Let me tell for the uninitiated that Ram Lal is the Make Up man wh

o makes up faces of the VIP’s play acting in Indian Parliament. So obviously they believe that it is ‘he’ who is to be blamed for the beating that MMS’s image has been taking lately.
He has been on this job since several decades. This is his worst period. After being continuously criticized/needled/prodded for eight long years he broke his vow of silence and blurted out.

His confession or guilt plea is as under.

Sir JI I have been doing faces since last 65 years. Earlier I had faces like that of Pt Nehru. An apple complexion Kashmiri. It was a child’s play to keep up his image. A brush on the face and a rose in the tunic and voila it was done.
Now Sir Ji, with MMS being a spectacled Sikh a Makeup man is severely handicapped. His only workable anatomy is his nose. A Hairdo will not work with MMS due to Turban. With Indira JI I had given a white streak in her hair,that did wonders to her image. With Vajpayee JI, I could do facials,that’s negated because of MMS’s Beard. Spectacles restrict the available Artists Canvas i.e. the working surface even further.

I suggested him to go on a diet to have a lean mean look, but he ended up with a shriveled up look. Reason is he has been asked to take the “Fall” for the state too often. And has ended up with several and frequent apologizing bouts e.g. 1984 Anti Sikh Riots, Dismissal of Jharkhand Government, Beni Prasadd Verma’s Misdemeanor and several such others. If he is kept on short leash and made to take fall so often he would certainly end up looking wilted. So others also must pitch in and assist me in my assignment of keeping the PM i.e.MMS have a Nice and Shining image.
Besides I am responsible for the image till one opens his mouth. I did the Face of “Barfi”. See two women fell for this guy. Of course he was deaf and dumb through out his show . Hence I could take the full responsibility.
MMS’s face loss often results when once in a while he desires to shed the “MUTE” profile.

So at this juncture blaming me for his face loss is not 100% accurate. He must retain his “MUTE” profile for me to be 100% responsible for his image.
I as a spectator to this POLITICAL CIRCUS that goes on in the name of Governance would suggest Mr MMS wearing of a Red Nose. In any circus the clown enters the arena with a Red Nose and draws major applause. It would help MMS too, in pushing up his rating.

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