Monday, November 03, 2008


Well Diwali is the most celebrated festival in my family. Besides Lakshami Puja, lighting up the house, Fireworks distributing Sweets are the standard things in this celebration.
A few years back while I did buy lot of fireworks it suddenly dawned that the kids had already flown away from house (Like most other houses)and without kids ,lighting fireworks was no fun.
Then after some pondering I thought though our kids were not near yet there were loads of other kids in the neighborhood. I packed all my Fireworks and along with my spouse walked off to a nearby Orphanage. We carried sweets too. It was a great revelation and real quality time we spent there. So this initiated an annual pilgrimage.
Then again just for fun sake I thought of indulging in making a Rangoli (Supposedly a feminine chore).This year's effort is here in the blog.
This year we thought that while sweets are Food for the Gross Body let us give something for the subtle body too. We distributed Books too along with sweets.

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kochi said...

The right spirit of love...... rightway to celebrate

KrRahul said...

Hi! Great to know all this.... Thanks a lot from me too for what you did :)