Saturday, February 21, 2009

Myth Of Mrs. Indira Gandhi Part -II

India Today had done a survey sometime back. It sought Public opinion that about as per public perception who had been the best Prime Minister of India. Mrs. Gandhi ranked First. As usual all such surveys mostly depict vacuous nature of both of the psephologists and that of the people surveyed. The most glaring example of such vacuous surveys was one conducted by Readers Digest in 1999. They had conducted a survey about the Most Important Event of 20th Century. The event that got highest votes was Death of Princess Diana. Second World War with millions of casualty came a poor second. This one example proves the Caliber of the voting masses.
Mrs. Gandhi’s first major move was to arrange the dismissal of first Communist Government of Kerala elected in 1957.This was the first occasion in the world to see a Communist Government coming into power through Popular Mandate. Mrs. Gandhi who was AICC president spent party fund to woo MLA’s and organize the collapse of a democratically elected Government. Pundit Nehru the then PM was dismayed by this act of Mrs. Gandhi and called her a DICTATOR for her this deed. This was one of the first signs of things to come and her dictatorial traits.
She became Prime Minister in 1966. Her incompetence in the Parliament till 1969 gave her the nickname of “Goongi Gudiya” or the “Dumb Doll”.
She tried to break the mould by deceit in the Presidential Elections. Then to gain cheap popularity she broke all laws by “Nationalizing the Banks” and “Abolishing Privy Purse”.
She lost in court on both issues. Then she had to revert to extra constitutional amendments through Parliament. Abolition of Privy Purse was grossly illegal. Mrs. Gandhi engineered abrogation of trust with Government of India. After all the Privy Purse was borne out of an Agreement signed by Government of India. Its abrogation was Loss of Trust in Government Instruments.
Then came the infamous phrase “COMMITTED JUDICIARY”. Now it was deemed that even the Judiciary must come under the control of the Government of the day and pursue the policies of THE GOVERNMENT. It went against the basics of Independence and multi party democracy. Mrs. Gandhi in a bid to obtain “COMMITTED JUDICIARY” superseded Three Senior Judges and promoted a Junior Judge to the post of Chief Justice. Another Independent institution was made subservient to the INFAMOUS POLITICAL MASTERS.
Maybe some of the aforesaid events brought some benefits yet “A Rape can not be sanctified, even if the child borne out of the rape be as brilliant as Einstein”. Mrs. Gandhi was merely busy raping or destroying institution to strengthen her tentacles on Power. Any consequential benefit was merely a coincidence.


इंडियन said...

At the most Mrs Gandhi could be named as a "good manager" but not a "successful PM ". She was the person who brought corruption to the system and the "vote for note" politics to this country which we would face in future till infinity I guess. She was the MOST "irresponsible" PM this country has ever seen, as she went to any extent to retain power no matter what means she had to apply.

इंडियन said...
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kochi said...

well in a survey people are not always the educated or theaware class. it honestly reveals what people think. It is in no way the gospe truth.if youwere to ask me about the sucessful Pm the answer which wd come spontaneously would be Indira gandhi:)