Sunday, August 24, 2008

Terrorism in Pakistan

My last Blog was on India and Terrorism. Well I have been blaming Pakistan
a lot for several ills in India and Terrorism in India is a major issue in it.
There is another dimension to the whole issue.That is TERRORISM IN PAKISTAN.
Pakistan is worse victim of Terrorism as compared to India. Wikipedia says that the 90% of the world wide Islam based terrorism, has its root in Pakistan.
My take is that Pakistan started the Industry of TERRORISM as an Export Oriented Unit. They had emerged as the biggest exporter of Terrorism The foiled plane hijack in China was attempted by a Pakistani origin person, India /Kashmir and Afghanistan are their favourite hunting ground. In the 9/11 the Pakistani connection was very evident. Certainly Terrorism is their chief export to all countries.
Yet they have been caught offguard as they were unaware of a fundamental principal of Economics that for any E.O.U. to be successful its imperative that there is a larger domestic market for the said product.
And now the crows have come back to roost. The killer of Daniel Pearl was arrested in a bid to kill Musharrf. The number of Terrorist strikes in Pakistan is at least double as compared to India. It is all their own, homegrown industry. Their any attempt to pin it on RAW meets with international derision. There is no way that the Pak authorities could blame any external agency for the Lal Masjid Fiasco and several such others. It is their own EXPORT ORIENTED UNIT which faced with substantial rise in production is seeking a DOMESTIC MARKET.
Domestic market has certain advantages over international market, as any school level economics student would tell you. The market access is easier. The terrain is familiar. The risk element is considerably less. Whenever there is a glut (seasonal or otherwise) in the International market you can sell the surplus in the Domestic Market. Further basing on another basic principal of Physics that all movements happen along the path of least resistance , this Export Oriented Product was bound to reach the Domestic Market in a Big Way sooner then later.

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